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Swanee's Mink Build Log The Ryan STA is a classic Golden Age airplane with simple, graceful lines. Designed as a civilian "Sport Trainer", it was later selected by the US Army Air Corps as a Primary Trainer.

My goal in developing plans for the Ryan was to create a highly accurate scale model of the original. The outlines and details of my plan set are as accurate as I, and technology, can make them. All drafting was done on the computer using DesignCad.

I started collecting documentation years ago; initially buying every 3-view and reference-book available. I quickly became frustrated, realizing that none of the 3-views agreed with one another, and very few agreed with the photos I bought.

I fell into deep despair trying to reconcile the various drawings and pictures into one, hopefully accurate, set of CAD drawings. One of the most useful and accurate reference books I had was "The New Ryan" by Ev Cassagneres. One day, while searching the web for more data, I discovered that Ev was curator of the Ryan company archives, and he had complete factory plan-sets available for sale!

After a pleasant phone conversation Ev agreed to look through the full set of plans, pull out those most useful to a modeler, and send them to me. This required a significant investment ($225 for 17 sheets), but was worth its weight in gold. The plans answered all my questions, and I was able to develop a set of model plans knowing that they would be truly accurate.

So, here is my version of the Ryan STA.

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Ryan STA
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