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Introducing the RCrabbit
Designed for use in a Dremel™ or similar rotary tool, the RCrabbit produces clean, consistent rabbets in balsa and lite-ply. The two cutters provided produce cut widths of 1/16th and 1/8th inch. Cut depth is variable between 0 and approximately 1/4".

Typical uses of the RCrabbet include:

  • Inset and flush windows
  • Inlaid training edge shrouds
  • Inlaid reinforcing materials

Other uses customers have found:

  • Depth-stop for countersinking mounting holes for Robart™-style hinges

Purchase the RCrabbit
The purchase price of $40.00 includes US Postal Service shipping within the US and Canada. To order an RCrabbit please send email to sales@cnc4rc.com

Download the manual
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