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Let us fabricate a set of custom engine stand-offs fro your next project.

With custom mounts you don't need to stack washers or build mounting boxes. Our stand-offs let you mount your gasser directly to the firewall knowing that the prop-driver will be exactly where you want it.

With our stand-offs you specify everything:

  • Overall length
  • Firewall-end diameter
  • Engine-end diameter
  • Steps - one is required if the end diameters are different. More just look cool.
  • Through-hole diameter
  • Threading - one or both ends can be threaded
  • Studs - threaded studs can be permanently mounted in one or both ends
  • Finish - polished or brushed

Request a Quote
Pricing is based on the configuration you need. To obtain a quote, send us an email with your specific requirements. Mail us at sales@cnc4rc.com

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