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cnc4RC was born from a question posted on RCScaleBuilder.com. To whit, "does anyone know where to get a tool to make rabbets for flush mounting cockpit windows?" It seems that there had been such a product, sold through Bruce Tharpe Engineering. But, they are no longer available due to the passing of the creator.

A bit of Googling turned up some information on the original tool. A patent search confirmed that the creator's patent had expired several years ago.  The tool itself was simple in concept, although the original design was a bit complex. I couldn't re-create the original, it was beyond my tooling and expertise, but I thought I could create something similar and equally useful.

Three or four days and a pile of swarf later I had a working prototype of the RCrabbit. I shared it with the folks on RCScaleBuilder and asked if it was something anyone would buy. The response was overwhelming and very gratifying. The first production run was complete and ready to ship two weeks later.

At this point, my wonderful wife stepped in. She "suggested" that, if I was going to do this, I needed to, "do it right." Meaning, create a company and run it as a business. Knowing that the key to a successful marriage is keeping momma happy, cnc4RC was born. We are a single member (me), Limited Liability Company (LLC), registered in the state of Colorado.

I am a software engineer by training and inclination, a Quality & Continuous Improvement consultant by accident, and an aviation fanatic by choice. I own a few ARFs, but much prefer to build my own airplanes. I build from kits, plan, and my own designs as the mood takes me. You can see the stories of some of my babies in the "My Fleet" section of the website.

Besides a passion for airplanes, I have a deep love for tools and for making things. Developing and producing the RCrabbit has been a blast. The number of folks who have found it useful is very rewarding. I hope to follow it up with other useful odds-and-ends in the future.

Please poke around, and come back from time to time. I work on the website in my spare time, but will do my best to add new stuff on a regular basis. Feel free to drop me a line with questions, comments, or suggestions.



February, 2017

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